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Extraction is another word having a tooth pulled. Although we do all that we can to save the natural teeth, it may be necessary to extract if a tooth is infected or decayed beyond repair, or if there is too much crowding. We will be able to tell by x-ray and examination if you require an extraction.



Between the ages of 17-21, third molars or "wisdom teeth" generally make their appearance in the mouth.

When they erupt or come in correctly, healthy wisdom teeth can give you more surfaces to chew on.

If there isn't enough space or if they erupt incorrectly, they can lead to problems such as pain, infection, damage to and/or crowding of neighboring teeth, gum disease, tooth decay, and possible cyst formation. 

Wisdom tooth removal may be recommended if any of the above symptoms are detected. Before making any decision, an x-ray will be taken and together, you and the dentist will discuss the best course of action. Some cases may require an oral surgeon for removal.  

If your wisdom teeth come in correctly and with enough space, we will continue to monitor them to ensure they remain disease and infection-free throughout your life. 

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